This season my nana, mom and I set out to make our backyard a Christmas dream.




Nana and I made Christmas wreaths while mom set up the lights, garland and plants.


Nana passed on the skill of making Christmas bows.  And once my mom knew I was now able to make them….we went a little crazy, in the front AND back (I’ll show you later!)


We made two large wreaths and two little ones, covered the deck with Christmas ornaments.

Let me show you our finished product….



These are the two little wreaths that I made by myself with Nana’s new taught skills!

And of course one of the big ones…


I told you we went a little crazy with the Christmas bows, even in the front!

The view from our kitchen table…

It’s one of those days that I won’t forget, and I wanted to share it :)


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