Here’s the Valentine’s Day.

A day to celebrate love, laughter and those who have been with us through the tears.

Here’s to my family, friends and sweetheart. And the One who taught me how to love.

Here’s the the man who holds my heart so carefully.

Never taking me for granted, always appreciating and showing me he feels my love.

Here’s to my handsome prince.

When the man of my dreams comes to my door with roses, heart cookies and an envelope labeled “sweetheart” containing a card that expresses his heart towards me, he makes me feel more beautiful than I ever have in my sweatshirt, ponytail and jeans.

Here’s to love.

To the people who make your heart beat faster, and the ones who remain constant and true.

The ones who make you feel safe enough to let your walls down, the ones who are worth hurting for.

Here’s to February 14th.



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