February 5, 2011

People of Egypt Part I

In bringing my camera to another country, I have high hopes of capturing beautiful landscapes, a new culture and most of all–people.  I also have a sense of anticipation and nervousness that I won’t possibly be able to bring home photographs that depict my full experience.  But none the less I try!


I went picture crazy on this trip, so it’s taking me a while to go through them all.  But with the recent crisis in Egypt, the protests and the revolution I keep thinking about the people.  Even while I was there my lens was drawn the people. They are African, and they are Middle Eastern…such a distinct beauty that my eyes were not accustomed to.


I don’t claim to know them or to fully understand what they are going through just because I’ve been there, but I just want you to have a glimpse of the goodness in their hearts, and the smiles on their faces..

Here is A LOT of people, at the market at night!

One of our dear friends Haidy, who we have heard from and she is okay! Asking for prayers for her and her family!

Prof Rasha Abdulla teaching us about the Media Systems in Egypt.  She told us that facebook and bloggers are vital in organizing revolutions especially among the young people, little did we know what would happen when we came home..

In one of the mosques:

Suzanne, our fearless leader on the left! (Who we have heard from her as well!) One of our tour guides on the right, a muslim woman with strong beliefs against wearing a hajab.

Busy streets!

The sign she’s making means “wait”.



Cute muslim couple flirting in Alexandria, caught this while driving on the bus!

.Love that the girls hold hands in their culture, they did the same in Indonesia.


Proud fisherman!


The liveliest tour guide you will ever meet! She loves her city of Alexandria!


African boys always know how to pose!

Eating an ice cream cone!


More shopping? yes!

Lovely girls my friend Jill and I met!



Story behind this picture, while we were taking photos of the pyramids and the city from this view they were taking photos of us! We are drawn to differences, they were amazed by foreigners and we were amazed by the wonders of their country!

Shaving near the view of the pyramids? Why not!



Children from the Garbage city, can you tell I loved them?





While walking through the streets, I held my camera to my side and waved at the people, to see if I could get there natural reaction, I’ll talk more about in my People of Egypt Part II.

Through the streets, lots of animals! Could that be whole other blog post? Especially the camels!

Look at the sweet little girl telling the other girl to look at us!



So here’s the debate, documentary style of photos is different and there’s not always the sharp focus of portraits that I love, so is the still photo still worth showing? I say when it still tells a story, yes.

Look at all the beautiful cloths! And smiling waving children! So friendly!

Thanks for joining the journey!





awww, love your blog; the note and the pictures are too honest!

These bring back so many memories and so many smiles. Shukran wa mut shukreen (many thanks!)

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