This is the beautiful couple, Katie and Michael!  It was a joy to capture their love and commitment to one another.  Doing their engagement photos made me even more excited for their wedding in May :);

First the sunset photo that I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to do justice!



The elegant ring!


Once again I love the photos of a couple that it looks like I’m intruding on a beautiful private moment :)

And this is where the light was PERFECT! :)  I love to time a session so that we work with the golden hour.  We timed everything to get out to our location specifically for these moments…Writing love letters in the sand :)


The next series of photos are all the way up to the mountain overlook…

I love her grace :)

Usually I TRY to limit the number of photos I place in a single blog post but it’s really hard!  I come to love and appreciate the people that I’m photographing and am inspired by their love and beauty.  So here’s another long post filled with photos that express who they are as well as how I love to capture!


Thanks for joining my journey.

And be on the lookout in May!:)

<3 Jenny