Last night I updated my facebook status as such:

Reason I love you #23…when I drop our whole dinner of lasagna on the floor because it burns my finger, you don’t get mad at me for a second, you just spend the next 20 minutes cleaning up the scattered tomato sauce with me, telling me you’re glad I’m not hurt too badly, and that you’ll have something else to eat.

.Today I thought we’d make up for it by making blueberry pancakes together :)  Johnson had never had blueberries til I bought him some one day to try and now he looooves them.


Mmmmm…we put some raspberries in there too :)

Look at that concentration…

He was making a “J”

My mom and I love pecan pancakes so I threw a few in there!  And the shot on the left is Johnson’s.

The finished product!  Ah look at that steam! :)

The photo on the left is once again Johnson’s.  I’m determined that my Biology major Math minor boyfriend will also master photography ;)



Did they taste as good as they look? Let’s just say they didn’t last long on our plates…

This Easter is a bittersweet time for my family.  For many families I’m sure, holidays can be tainted by the gut wrenching feeling of loss. The anniversary of a death of a loved one is only understood by those who have experienced such.  But as this holiday is also the time to remember the death and resurrection of our Jesus there is hope. Because while we celebrate on earth, some have the pleasure of celebrating with him in heaven. Not being able to be home with my family this year is hard, but okay, because I have my faith and the support of Johnson.  So this morning’s brunch was a way of me still enjoying and celebrating life.

,I’m planning to use this weekend to blog about Israel so check back soon.

For now, thank you for joining my journey.

God’s richest blessings to you and your family,






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