This weekend I went for a hike with some of my dearest friends that I’ve made at Lee University.  Kelly. Jessica, Ryan, Caleb, Andi, her beau Josh and I all ventured out to Signal Mountain.  We took advantage of the gorgeous weather! Here’s a few sights that caught my eye! :)

Swiftly flowing water, flowers that peak up through the rocks and sunlight through the trees.

And here’s my dear Andi! :)  And the view from the top of the mountain!

My crazy friend Caleb eating a Nature Valley Bar at the top of the mountain.  (He is more than willing to be their next model!) And me! :)

If you live in the area and know of anymore great outdoor spots let me know!:)  This post was me making sure that I actually do something with the snapshots I love to take along the way!

Thanks for joining my journey,