If I had one word to describe Alexandra Powell it would be “classy”.  Because not only is she beautiful but she is also poised, and not only is she talented but she is also passionate.  Graduating with a BSc in Telecommunications from Lee University this May, whether behind or in front of the camera, this woman has something very valuable to bring to the world.

After having deep talks about our futures, discussing whether or not to follow our dreams or settle we have decided: we are going to follow our dreams, no matter the time it takes us to get there.  The sweat and the grit, the fears of failure-we’ll press through it all.  Because we are not made for mediocracy.

She is also an instructor at the Rec. Center for Rock Solid Fitness classes…and clearly they are working! :)

Special thanks to Christa Webb for not only letting me borrow her chair but also for coming along to help me with the reflector! And when I saw those light pink flowers, I couldn’t resist them with the rose chair in mind :)

Some fun with the petals! :)

Contrary to what I’m sure you’re already wondering, no she is not a professional model….

…but she is a natural in front of the camera!

Her headshot!

And just in case you thought she was too serious…. ;)

So dreamy!:)

Working a new pose!

Thanks for being a dear friend Alexandra!

And to the rest of you, thanks for joining our journey! I’m sure you’ll be hearing about great things to come for this beautiful lady!

Love, Jenny