When these sweet sisters asked me about doing a senior/sister/surprise-their-mom with new photos for her birthday–needless to say I was all in!  So here are the Sherwood sisters! :)

When I showed Johnson these photos he said “Did you tell them to just be themselves?”  That’s how much these photos are SO them! All the giggles and smiles and hugs are just THEM.

Here’s me trying to shoot outside my comfort zone…

Love their dresses?  Laura (the one in orange) got them on a trip to Guatemala and bargained to make sure she could bring one home for her sister Alison!  

I don’t think you’ll fully appreciate these lace dresses without me telling you that they belong to their mother and grandmother, so sweet.

Music is an important part of their of lives and you’ll see more of it soon..

Such elegance..

They make me miss my little sister for sure.

I see this above a fireplace, what do you think?

Laura, a double major (wait for it..) in Science and Music Theatre, plays the clarinet and Alison who will be doing her graduate studies in Music Education plays the flute.  (And here’s a little different style of post processing.)

They are sincere as they look. Honestly.

They are also known for making each other laugh uncontrollably :)

Who says a science-theatre major can’t dabble in a little modeling on the side?

I really had them bring their instruments just so that I could hear them play.  Love the look on Laura’s face as she admires her sisters’ playing.

And I had them KEEP playing until I got the right shot, or rather had my fill of their wonderful music :)

Laughter and freedom! :)

Just having some fun at the expense of their dizziness! ;)

On a personal note, thank you for believing in my work enough to hire me for this wonderful project!

And to anyone reading this, thanks for joining my journey :)