Celebration.  That’s what Katie and Michael’s wedding was, a celebration of  love.
Family and friends travelled from half way across the world to join them in a day filled with more love and laughter that I thought could fit into one day.
10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, 2 receptions and the day honestly couldn’t have gone any smoother!




Both of them were very excited!


I LOVED watching everyone’s reactions when they got to see the Katie’s radiant beauty!

With a wedding party full of musical talent, the bridesmaids had a sing-a-long while waiting for the time of the ceremony to finally arrive!

With both the bride and groom’s love for the piano being what brought them together in the first place, I wanted to incorporate it into their ring photo :)

And speaking of rings…the ring bearer was a mischievous cutie!

Their first moments..

It was sweet watching the bridesmaids start crying one by one, so sincerely happy for their dear friend, the depth of their love and support was evident throughout the whole day.


Both of their fathers were involved in the ceremony, and prayer held an important place in their day.

Katie’s calm and carefree disposition was once again shown as she could not stop laughing while placing the ring on Michael’s hand!  And then the next photo I’d call ‘kiss me already’!

If their family and friends were any happier for them they would have burst!

.Okay my favourite part of the cutting of the cake is that they did not stop after one bite, they just kept eating it!  Who says the cake is only for the guests, the bride and groom might as well enjoy!


More details and guests :)


The getaway photo! :)

The next post will show the portraits at a golf course and the second reception! :)

In the mean time if you haven’t had enough of them, feel free to look back at their engagement photos!

Thanks for joining my journey, and their celebration! :)