And here is the second and final post of Katie and Michael’s wedding! :)  


Loved the creativity of the whole wedding party having golf carts to ride around the course!


Now that’s a look of determination!



It was wonderful to have a few moments to capture the new Mr and Mrs!

“For I have found the one whom my soul loves.” ~ Song of Solomon





They jumped right out of the frame! :)

Okay I just have to say something about these bridesmaids… Yes, there were 10 of them–but throughout the day I was able to spend time with them and see that they each have such a unique and individual friendship with Katie.  Some were friends that she kept in touch with from home, others from Lee and her sister as her maid of honor.  At the end of the day I left thinking about how wonderful they all were and how sweet and supportive they were! And the second reception!

Enjoying the speeches/toasts…  They were SO meaningful!

The first dance…

This is when I actually started crying myself, SO beautiful.  But it makes it harder to catch the moment with blurred vision so I did my best to keep it together ;) A daughter is a daughter all her life…

Okay I don’t know if you’re ready for how sweet this moment is-the groom and mother dance…

And it’s party time!!

Even grandma is getting her dance on! :)  [She was so kind and encouraging to me during the ceremony]


Thanks to everyone who is following my journey, I was honored to photograph this wedding and excited to share it with all of you!