Claire and Jon Moore’s wedding day was filled with gorgeous handmade details, a timeless location, and love.  Here’s my first Canadian wedding that I was so excited to photograph!

I loved Claire’s theme of peacock feathers, it made for a fun and colourful day!

Makeup done by Jennifer Kirwin.

Hair done by Jennifer Shaban.

And since you’re reading this you know it’s photography by Jennifer James Sensing a reoccurring theme of names here? ;)

When emailing back and forth in the beginning with Claire, she told me that it would be a backyard wedding and I was so eager to find out more! As it turns out, her parent’s property exceeded my expectations.  So beautiful and meaningful–a photographer’s dream.

See this peacock hair piece?  Made by the bride herself!




So I got a little carried away with photos of her dress in their garden, who can blame me? :)

The programs were fans, a nice touch for such a hot summer day!

So was the water and freshly squeezed lemonade!

Her dad did a phenomenal job on the landscaping. 

Loved the Canadian flag!;)

If you think it’s fun to get ready with one sister, try getting ready with 3!  The Fleetwood ladies were so sweet, wonderful people to spend the day with!


Meanwhile my second shooter, Brian Tsang, was with the guys!  Look at that handsome groom!  

This is amazing, what better way to find out “How to Fold a Pocket Square” than to look it up on youtube!

Something about the groom and his sweet mother that just make you smile :)


And a quick trip to McDonalds of course!

The whole time the girls were getting ready I kept hearing “make sure Ryan Anthony gets sunscreen on his head!”  Looks like they remembered;)

The Fleetwood property was not only a perfect place for the ceremony, but also for some photos of Claire with her bridal party and wonderful parents.

The girls seemed a little distracted and I looked over and found out why….

Mr. Fleetwood (the father of the bride) had come out looking dashing in his pin stripe suit!


It was important to get Claire’s photo with each of her sisters, and her beautiful friend Jenny.

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman but I find myself so emotionally attached to the family by the end of the day!  You do spend a great deal of time together and you bond over such a momental day!  




And the ceremony begins….

Now if that’s not a man in love I don’t know what it is…



“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12


.Love this shot that Brian captured! :)

Between the heartfelt prayers, scripture reading and songs sung to Jesus, it was clear that their faith God was prioritized in their day.






That’s part I of the Moore wedding, check back for their unique couple photos, family, bridal party, and reception pictures!