Here is part two of the beautiful Ojo wedding!  Keep reading to see how Nigerians (and Americans too of course!) know how to celebrate!

But first we took a few minutes to get some photos of the newly weds on a path that Johnna had scoped out…


I happen to be quite biased to their complimentary complexions!

Love does not [just] consist of gazing at each other, but [also] in looking outward together in the same direction.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Picturesque spot for a reception!



 Celebration of LOVE! 

Adorable children at the wedding!




They had Nigerian and Italian food-so everyone was happy! :)


See what I mean about the adorable children?  She kept smiling at me whenever I looked over at her :) If I remember correctly, this family came from England for the wedding…


My dear friend Lanre!



The most handsome guest there, my boyfriend! 



 Such a joyful couple! 



The groom’s parents, just wonderful, loving, warm people!  And very much in love with one another! 

This is what happens when you know half of the guests, you come home having documented their swagger…









 Classic cake face smash..

These ladies were a HUGE help to Johnna, helping with all those last-minute-day-of preparations! :)

I told you they know how to celebrate! :)

Once again, thank you for joining my journey!

Much love and blessings!