I’m sure that I’m not the only one.  I’m sure that many of those that have gone before us, and many of us still struggling, have been through this before. Discouragement.

The feeling that what we create is who we are, and that what we are is not enough.  And while who we are is much more than what we produce, it still affects our self esteem, self image, self worth–ourSELVES.  But perhaps it’s once we get outside of ourselves that we are the most productive, the most creative, and the most beautiful.

I want SO badly to learn, get better, improve, and produce better work.  But I KNOW it takes practice, struggle, MISTAKES, and patience with myself.  If I don’t allow myself the luxury of time to be inspired-I’ll starve my creativity.  If I compare myself to others I’ll choke my creativity to death.

Sometimes I see something so beautiful, that I feel pressure that I’ll never be able to capture it in it’s entirety.  But maybe I’m not suppose to be able to.  Maybe I’m suppose to just give you a glimpse of what you too could see if you get out and explore.

This shoot was about going out, exploring a new location, capturing beautiful light, and spending time with a wonderful friend.  My dear friend Violet is one of the reoccurring faces of JJMedia.  She is just so fun to work with, so willing to try anything and just so gorgeous.  Her red hair looks amazing with backlighting, or any light for that matter.

I think that every photographer has someone who they keep going back to taking photos of.  Whether it’s their kids, their significant other or their best friends-it’s someone who is patient enough to put up with our ooing and awing over amazing light and “oh hold that right there for another second while I find the perfect setting!”  But it’s those people that help us photographers get to where we are now.  They are an important part of our path to creativity.

I’m constantly pushing myself to try new things, new edits, new posing, new lighting techniques.  Working on a craft is hard work.  But it’s worth the sweat, the discouragement, the struggle–because at the end of the day, it makes me feel more alive.  So whenever I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a rut-I need to just get out there and shoot.  I need to give myself time to be inspired.  And if that means going out and pouring my heart out into a shoot that I’m not making any money off of-I think it’s still completely worth it.  Because it keeps me going, makes me better.  And ultimately taking time for myself leaves me with more to give-to my friends and my clients.

So whether I’m playing with textures, overlays or opacities, thank you for being a part of my journey.  For listening when I’m still mustering up the courage to even speak.   For looking at my photos whether or not you care about what shutter speed or aperture I used.  For taking the time to leave me an encouraging comment, or even just “liking” a photo.  Because you, my readers and friends, are a part of my path of creativity.

And finally I leave you with a photo I took that day and a quote that pushed me to write this blog.  To be honest with you, and mostly myself.  That this path of creativity has obstacles, but that only means that it’s leading somewhere because….

Love, thanks and vulnerability,