December 20, 2011

Steve + Kellie

Sunrise marks the break of day.  There is something promising about the crack of dawn, there is a new beginning on the horizon.  For Steve this particular morning meant an early trip to the top of a mountain to propose a life together of promise, commitment and love to Kellie.

And she said yes.

He says they first met because she sat beside him in class.  She says it was the seat open beside her best girl friend.  Either way, as they sat side by side one class after the other, a friendship sparked.  After discovering they share such similar values, a deep faith and zest for life, who could blame him for wanting to take this friendship further?

Their first unofficial date was going for a run, and then the real date was going for coffee (which she knew he didn’t even like-proof it was not the coffee that he was after!).  But Steve was not afraid to chase Kellie, pursue her heart and align their futures.

They have such a sweet, deep connection.

Kellie told me they are also really goofy, and I can certainly work with that!

After she said yes, they went to a quaint place for breakfast, so in honor of reliving the day, we went there too!

Having met at the Lee University campus, and both graduating with their Masters from Lee, we thought it important to get a few photos there as well! :) And in front of the gorgeous new chapel was the perfect location!

I love the way he makes her laugh :)

While taking photos of their tender moments, laughing along with them, and listening to their love story, I feel like I made two new friends.

Congratulations Steve and Kellie!  May your love for one another and your God continue to grow!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration and I can’t wait til your May 2012 wedding!







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You told our story beautifully. I definitely loved the photos you picked for each storyline. Steve and I enjoyed this time with you and look forward to more in the near future :)! Your work is great! Blessings to you in what you do for others with it.

Such a cute session! Beautiful work!

omg, I’m in love with this session! What a fabulous job, they will be thrilled!!!

Love how you told a story with these images. Beautifully done.

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