August 28, 2012

Christina James | 2012

I waited 5 and a half years for a sibling.  When Mom and Dad brought me a little sister home from the hospital, I was convinced no one could sing her to sleep like I could.  A couple years later–lullabies and cradles soon turned to banging on pots and pans singing our lungs out.

I was the cautious one.  She on the other hand, ran before she walked.  And had the bruises to prove it.  One thing was for sure-I was up for an adventure with this one.

Although growing up we were described as night and day we have something in common-we enjoy each other’s company.  Life is always more fun when you have people to share it with.

Christina is passionate and loyal.  Like Dad, when she goes for something, she goes all in.  Jumps in head first, and keeps swimming till she’s had her fill.

Tender-hearted and strong-willed she has worked her way through defining her own beliefs.  Her faith is now stronger for it-deeply rooted and strongly established.

Whenever I describe my little sister to people who have never met her my first words are-crazy musically talented. No really–if you haven’t heard her sing, you’re missing out.

Personally, I had to actually practice for piano lessons…that’s all I’ll say ;)

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way Dad had to chase her around the house in order to brush her hair.  “It’ll just get messy again!”  Dad, in a house with 3 ladies-had to try and make his youngest daughter look somewhat presentable.  Or the time when she insisted that she didn’t need new leotards-the ones with the holes in them were fine for the church play.  And she actually won that argument with Mom.

As cute as you were-you are now stunning.  You can turn in those little “This entitles you to a make-up lesson from Jennifer James” coupons that I gave you when you were 12-I think you’ve got that under control now. ;)

One thing about having a sister is you always know when you are wearing something that doesn’t look good.  All she has to say is “you’re changing before we leave right?” and I go back into my room to change, acting like that was my plan.  All along.  She’s got my back like that! ;)

It was exciting for me to be able to take her senior photos.  Graduating from high school, and preparing for her first year of university is a big deal.  And I know she’s got what it takes.



The next photo is proof that she still thinks I’m funny.

She trusted me enough to let me chose the locations and the poses.

But the conversation still went a little something like this, “Are you sure you want me to stand there? You aren’t getting the car in the photo are you?”

My only reply was “Do you trust me?”  And since she did, we created beautiful images.


I told Mom that when she raves over these photos, the great thing is that she is complimenting us both at the same time!

Even though our parents are science/math geniuses…they have two creative daughters.  So Chris, while you sing and play any instrument that you chose to put your hands to, I’ll photograph and paint…

…But I’ll also try to sing along, even though I can never remember the words ;)

Love you forever!

Your big sis,






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Love the images and your little anecdotes. Great variety!

I love, love, love these pics of Christina! Stunning indeed! You’ve captured her beautifully!
I so admire you both! What awesome talents you both have!!

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