I’m convinced that Lauren is the smartest 3 year old around.  She’s got the perfect combination of sweetness and curiosity that makes for such a cute little girl!

She loves her pink fishing pole and caught “baby dinosaurs”, “baby dolphins” and “baby lions”.  But when I asked her how many she had of each she set me straight–“It’s just pretend!” She was afraid I got too into it! ;)

She is incredibly loved by her mom and dad!

They are intentional about spending time with her, and building her up.

It’s evident that she’s secure in their love-which helps her grow as a sweet and secure little girl!

Smiling for photos can be a lot of work so it was time for some silly faces! Not sure whose is best–mom’s dad’s or Lauren’s?

But it wasn’t long before her radiant and seemingly permanent smile came back into play!

1..2..3..JUMP for joy!

A daddy is a daughter’s first love.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven. // George Bernard Shaw


Pam & Trevor thanks so much for letting me take photos of Lauren & your beautiful family!

Lots of Love,