September 8, 2012

So Family

When Edna emailed me, something immediately clicked between us.  She was excited about celebrating life through capturing memories of her loving family.

I was struck by the way Sam and Edna celebrate Matthew’s life and love him so completely. He has such an infectious smile.

We also wanted to get some shots of the love that this beautiful couple shares!

Having been married for 26 years, their love is matured and developed, it’s a commitment that lasts a lifetime.


Matthew has a special relationship with Edna and Sam as parents but also unique relationships with them in their individual roles as Mom and Dad.

You wouldn’t believe the big birthday that Edna just celebrated if I told you!!  Look at this beautiful woman :)

Sam is a kind, family man.  He cherishes his wife and son, and knows how to pose for a good photo himself!



They have a pure joy and appreciate of one another that could only be inspired by God.

What’s not to love about this family?

While editing these photos I was stuck over and over by what a loving group of people they are.  When I delivered the So Family’s photos last night I expressed this to Edna and her response was, “Love…is all we have”.

It rained on Edna and Sam’s wedding day so they do not have many couple photos.  This made it my goal to do their love justice with quality photos.

This is Matthew’s best friend and cousin, Angelo.  He helped look after Matthew while I took couple photos, but he also brought out the best smiles in Matthew for the family photos! I couldn’t have captured such images without him! :)

Thanks again to the So Family for trusting me to capture the love and joy that your family shares!

Love & Blessings,






Jennifer thanks so much for seeing through my eyes the messages of my heart then capturing them in the pictures you have taken. You are heaven sent!

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