It’s not that I had a horse growing up or that I went riding every weekend.  It’s just that every time we drove by a farm or  horses grazing in a field, I’d turn and stare.  In the rear window I’d watch until they disappeared. How is it that they are so magnificent and playful at the same time? So free and friendly? 

Every once and a while I have this “dream shoot” in mind; something creative, not necessarily for a client, but completely enjoyable.  And for a little while mine was exactly this-a girl and horses.  On our road trip from Tennessee to Toronto, Violet and I stayed in Indiana for a couple days.  Johnson’s boss was gracious enough to let me stay at their house, as well as take photos of their horses!  This is the view from the front of their house and this was my canvas.

So with some carrots in hand, Violet and I ventured to spend time with these sweet horses.



With this being a completely personal exploration of my artistic identity, I took the liberty of trying some heavier post processing.


I worked really hard to get this photo of this shy pony!  It turns out horses aren’t as easy to pose as humans. ;) 


Violet did grow up riding so she was a natural with the horses.  Plus she’s my go-to-gal when I’m in the mood for a personal expression shoot! :)


Just munching…


Just exploring…

Thanks for joining me on this path of creativity. I’m grateful for all of you that share in my journey! I have a number of fall shoots to blog, but first, I just wanted to post this refreshing adventure of ours! :)