March 3, 2013

Paul Malcolm | Headshots

Your head shot is a powerful business tool.  It’s important to put your best foot forward-let your image show that you are capable and approachable. 

These photos are taken downtown Toronto for Paul Malcolm of Sophos Capital Corp. When he contacted me about taking non-traditional business head-shots for his website I sent him a couple concepts and this is what we went with. Enjoy!

(The photo on the right is just proof that I can be funny sometimes!)


Want to know a tip of mine for head shots? The best way to get this natural smile was to have Paul tell me the names of his wife and children.  Those are the people that at the end of a hard work day, make his life worthwhile.  

Here he is is breaking the mold of traditional head shots, yet still looking every bit as corporate and professional.  






Take a look at his heads shots in action on the Sophos Captital website  and on linkedin!






Love the 3rd row from the bottom, right side. Great shot! I also like the bottom row on the right. Well done! It’s great to be able to blend head shots with portraiture – makes for a fantastic image!

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