April 1, 2014

Allison + Matthew | Wedding Photography

Four sisters, surrounded by supportive parents, sweet friends and an adorable nephew got ready for the big day that Allison and Matt had been anticipating.  We can all agree that it has been a cold winter.  Yet the first of March held the perfect weather.  It was cold enough that the falling snow stayed on the ground and mild enough that we could brave the outdoors for some beautiful photos.  Having had the pleasure of spending time with the Fleetwood family on Claire and Jon’s wedding, I was excited to see what the lovely sisters and creative couple had in store for the day! Wedding-Photography-Toronto-JJMedia-MA-2

When Allison walked out to greet her Dad, his first reaction was “Oh Al”.  Yes, my heart melted.


Adorned in plum dresses, these ladies’ smiles will warm up any day.  Allison, you were and are stunning.  Absolutely stunning!


When bridal portraits involve winter boots you know that we’re getting serious.  Thank you Lindsay and Anne for your support!


Look at the above right image again.  She is stunning.  Not only does her lace dress and fur coat become her, but her smile is genuinely joyful.  I believe it shows not only her outward beauty but an inner peace that she is marrying the right person. Just a few minutes down the road, we headed to the chapel.  Extended family and friends were waiting and anticipating.  Most importantly, Matt was ready to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day.  On a side note, take a look at the canvas that he painted!


There are two major-can’t-miss photographic moments in a ceremony.  Moments that are so emotionally charged that they have to be captured to be fully remembered.  One is well known-the first kiss as husband and wife, but even before that there is the walk down the aisle.  The moment when their eyes meet and it all becomes real. After the ceremony was all over I asked Allison, “Did you see the way he looked at you?”  Allison was so focused on trying not to break down, putting one foot in front of the other that she didn’t quite catch the look in his eyes.  I told her “Don’t worry, we’ve got it”.  Here is your husband, enthralled by your beauty:


Remember the adorable nephew I mentioned? The moment I met him I had a soft spot for him.  A family friend took care of him during the ceremony.  When I went to the back to get an overall shot of the ceremony I heard someone trying to get my attention.  You can see him looking my way and then on the right giving me a wave.  So cute!


Yes, paint and white dresses can be dangerous combination but it turned out beautifully! I loved the unity canvas!


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Palermo!


Big thanks to the whole bridal party for allowing me to have fun with your photos! 


Since we captured photos of the ladies before the ceremony, it was time for these handsome fellows to shine!  


I have been SO excited to share the photos of Matt and Allison as husband and wife!  There was a light snowfall and lots of laughter during these moments.  It’s undeniable that these two are in love.  


Is it just me or are these moments almost magical?  May your kisses always be this sweet, and your love forever this true!


If you can’t get enough of these snowy couple photos there are more in store for you all from the end of the night!


The reception was at Trillium Trails.  Anne rocked it as the M.C.  Ukuleles and capes were involved.


Heartfelt speeches and expressions of gratitude filled the night.


Lindsay, the bride’s sister and maid of honour recorded a cover of Ocean’s for their first dance.  You can listen to her beautiful harmonies here.


The following photos are what happens when you are willing to put effort into creating a moment:


Because every once and a while I need to have my geeky moment of explaining the technical aspect of taking photos, let me explain the above photos just a little bit!  Our goal was to get some nighttime snowy photos.  We couldn’t go too far because it was cold and the snow was falling quite hard.  The definition of photography is “painting with light”.  So that’s just what we did.  Behind them is a parking lot, but you can’t tell right?  Anne was gracious enough to let me position her hiding behind the couple with one of my video lights.  I positioned the couple so that a street light would shine on them from the right but made sure that the backlight was even stronger.  The rest was left to them and their beautiful love!

Thank you Matt and Allison for a wonderful day!!

– Jenny

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