December 8, 2014

Commander Chris Hadfield Video

It’s not every day that I get an email in my inbox with the subject line “Video of Chris Hadfield Dream”!  At Sunshine Foundation, they help children with severe physical disabilities realize that nothing can stand in the way of a dream. By fulfilling their dreams, they help Sunshine Kids build confidence in their ability to pursue other goals.  I’m so grateful that Sunshine contacted me to capture Abby’s Dream.

In this video I wanted to show the confidence that Chris Hadfield gave Abby, the challenges that Abby goes through and just how prepared Abby was for the meeting!  Chris Hadfield’s kind way made this a wonderful experience for the whole family. ChrisHadfieldSunshine5

ChrisHadfieldSunshine2 ChrisHadfieldSunshine3 1ChrisHadfieldSunshine4

When Abby asked if we could take a selfie–I couldn’t refuse! This was an incredible day!


Thank you so much to Abby and her family for graciously allowing me to capture these moments.  Thank you Chris Hadfield for being the role model that you are.  Thank you for your gift of time and kindness.

Thank you to Sunshine for making these dreams a reality.  If you haven’t seen my Disney trip photos with Sunshine you can look at them here. 

Inspired by a dream that came true,




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