December 13, 2014

Greg + Christina

The first thing you need to know about this beautiful couple is that this is my sister Christina and soon to be brother-in-law Greg!  We started their engagement photo session where they had their first date-at the Starbucks in Unionville.

Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-1 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-2 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-3

The first time they went to this Starbucks they were just “Christina” and “Greg” but this time they are “Christina ♥ + Greg”.


I met Greg when my sister brought him home to “meet the family” at a family friends games night.  They had only been on two dates but he was brave enough to come meet the whole clan.

Christina knew that if anything was to become of their friendship he would need to get along with our family and closest friends.


As they fell in love, we started to see a lot more of Greg around.  My parents fell in love with him.  No really-my dad said things like “we’re all family here” waaaay before I thought it was time.  I wasn’t ready to let me little sister go that quickly.


But I saw the way he looked at her, saw the way her whole demeanour softened around him and I started to see the light.  I remember the first time Greg told me that he loved my sister.  We were at the cottage and he was about to go water skiing.  He said “I love you Christina!” before venturing out to the Cunningham’s boat.  And just in case I didn’t hear, he turned to me and told me “I just said I love you Christina”.  I never had to ask him what his intentions were with  my sister–he made it clear!


I know Greg will take care of my sister.  And that she will take care of him.


I let them know that they could kiss on this photoshoot, but just not too much! ;)



We are so excited for their wedding next Spring!

Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-17 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-18


One of the things that you need to know about Greg is that his shoe laces always match his outfit.


Greg proposed at sunrise in Muskoka.  They both love nature so we made sure to surround ourselves with beautiful trees and textures for the next part of our session.

Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-22 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-23 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-25 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-26

How sweet!
Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-27 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-29

They are both putting a lot of hard work and creativity into their big day–it will be wonderful to see it all come together! Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-31 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-32 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-34

Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-35 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-36

I’m so glad that I was able to take their engagement photos!  On the wedding day I will be standing beside them (matron of honour yay!!) and the same photographer and videographer that did my wedding will do theirs!  They will  be in great hands with the Darlingtons!

Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-38 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-39 Markham_Unionville__Engagement_Photos_JJMedia-41

I love you both!



Please join me in congratulating the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Heath in the comments below!




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