January 29, 2015

Chris + Victoria


Meet Chris and Victoria.  I had so much fun with their snowy engagement photography session!  We had been watching the weather for a while and hoping for a day that it was not too cold!  We were blessed with a beautiful Canadian winter day.  Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-2

They both have smiles that would warm anyone’s heart! Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-3b Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-4 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-5

It was right around this time that Vic said, “This is so fun! I love your job!”  Couples like you make me love my job too! Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-6 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-8 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-10

They go together like the winter and a warm blanket. Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-11 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-12Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-13 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-15 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-17 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-18

Chris’ family’s property in Hamilton was the perfect location for our snowy adventure!  Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-19 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-20 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-21 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-22Who needs sand when you can write hearts in the snow? Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-23 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-24 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-26Everyone needs a little silly in their photos! Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-27 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-28 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-29

I practically begged Vic to do a winter sled photo and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-31 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-34 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-35Snow ball fight! Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-39 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-42 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-43This is the ice rink on the Zimmerman’s beautiful property.  Chris and Vic laced up their skates for a few more romantic moments. Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-44 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-45 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-46 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-47 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-48 Winter-Engagement-Photos-JJMedia-51We are so excited for this July!  JJMedia will be capturing this wedding in both photo and video.  In the meantime leave the couple some love in the comments below!




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