Meet Phil, Patty, Maia and baby!  We explored the CNE and took fun maternity photos.  Phil knew the gender of the baby but kept it a secret from us all!


Patty is one of my best friends so this was so special!  I was as curious as everyone else whether this baby is a boy…or a girl!?


Maia is going to be an incredible big sister!


After Phil won a game of darts we were offered a pink or blue teddy bear.  Maia chose pink!  Does she know something we don’t know?  While I’m taking the photo I notice that Phil is reaching behind his back and pulls out a little piece of paper…


Behind the camera you can usually see me smiling, but this time my jaw dropped!!!  Phil quickly gave me a look to make sure I didn’t give away the surprise.  Patty had no idea he was holding this paper up!!


Maia is eating her cotton candy and giggling with Dad that Mom still doesn’t know!! :)


We explored the animal exhibit and were particularly drawn to the baby animals of course!  Maia’s favourite were the cows that go moo! :)


Okay it’s time for Patty to find out the secret we’ve been sharing since the beginning of this maternity photo session!  It’s time for the gender reveal…


She’s a little excited to say the least!!! :)


Congratulations Patty, Phil and Maia!! We can’t wait to meet your little girl!!!