October 30, 2015

Trump Hotel Wedding Corinne and Jordan

In the words of Corinne’s maid of honour Devon, “The love that Corinne and Jordan share only comes around once.  These two were just lucky enough to find it so early on in life and are now able to enjoy a lifetime together.”  The time that I spent with Jordan and Corinne on the day of their wedding allowed me to have a first hand glimpse at that love.  Jordan has the ability to make Corinne laugh like no one else can and Corinne has the ability to take Jordan’s breath away when she enters a room.


Family and friends celebrated with the Passmore and Rivers families at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.  I can honestly say that the speeches were so on point.  I loved every single one of them!  Their parents, siblings and friends had great things to say about both of them.  I even soaked up some of the advice when their parents encouraged them to continue working as a team.  Corinne and Jordan, let me join them in wishing you all the best in your beautiful marriage.  Stay true to yourselves and one another as you continue this love now and always.


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