December 16, 2017

Gender Reveal!

“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” has been the number one question that we’ve received during pregnancy! We’re finally ready to share with you all!  We discussed it as a couple and decided that we wanted to know before the baby’s birth.  We counted down the days ’til the ultrasound that would tell us the gender of our little one!  The main motive of the ultrasound is to make sure that the baby is healthy.  While they don’t guarantee they will see the gender, this was the appointment that it was a strong possibility they would be able to tell us.  After looking over the baby, the technician said “ummmm I thiiiiiink it’s a …..”  Shino and I looked at each other like “she thinks?!?” You see, the baby was moving so much that she didn’t get a good look!  So as soon as we left that appointment, we booked a 3D ultrasound because we didn’t want our announcement to be a “just kidding” on the day of baby’s birth!!

After the 3D ultrasound we were sure.  It’s hard to explain, we would be overjoyed whether we were having a boy or a girl, but knowing the gender is important because it makes things SO REAL!  After keeping the news to ourselves for a bit and reveling in the excitement we shared the news with family.

Not pictured: All of our family in Nigeria that are also thrilled!! :)  This baby is already so loved!

Pictured: the way we told our family that is local!  We filled the darkest most opaque balloons with paint and attached them to a canvas.  Only ONE balloon was filled with the revealing colour, while the rest were neutral.  The suspense built as the family threw darts at the canvas.  My dad was the one to pop the gender revealing balloon!

Also not pictured: my husband and I at the sink figuring out how to fill balloons with paint and then enough air that the rubber is stretched out enough to pop.  With some trial and error, we got it down to a science! Let us know if you need tips! ;)

As pink paint splashed the canvas, my sister shouted “It’s a girl!!!”

In case you’re wondering how Shino feels about it being a girl…

We are so excited!!!

Dear little girl, we can’t wait to kiss your little face, fingers and toes! I so look forward to you kicking the soccer ball in the backyard with Daddy and I!  I can already feel your active kicks in my belly.  Of course I hope you love to colour and paint like me but I’m open to finding out what your passions are! We are getting your nursery ready and our hearts are growing more in love with you as we prepare for your arrival!

Thank you everyone for sharing in our joy!

Proud parents,

Shino and Jenny



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