April 14, 2019

Hope’s First Birthday Party

My daughter is ONE! A whole year of love, laughter, smiles, tears, and dancing! Hope loves music. Anywhere we are, if she hears music playing, she starts to dance. So I knew that we had to do a music theme for her birthday party! I chose the colours pink and light turquoise with accents of yellow, gold and white.

The cake was made by the talented Sweet Couture Cakes by Adele.

The cookies were made by Kristen of Sugar and Love Bakery.

The balloons were by Santara of Durham Balloons.

The hand lettering was done by my sister Christina Heath and the flowers were done by my mom! I made the birthday banner and the “one” banner for her highchair.  My husband had an amazing playlist of Nigerian music! It was so much fun to prepare for this big day!

A couple of notes…

First, this post focuses on the decor and my little girl Hope.  I’m not posting photos of the other children who attended here because I don’t want parents to feel that just because they bring their children to my home will mean their photos will be posted on my website.  Secondly, the children were all supervised when playing with the balloons.

Lastly, a message to all of the moms (and dads!) out there who find this overwhelming-YOU DO YOU! If party decor isn’t your thing then don’t stress over it! I’m someone who loves to be creative so I found so much joy in all the details and anticipation.

Enjoy some photos of our celebration!



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