May 10, 2020

A Letter To My Sister On Mother’s Day

A Letter To My Sister On Mother's Day

Dear Sister, 

You’ve had to experience so many negative pregnancy tests, dashed dreams and that indescribable feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Wanting your womb to bring life.  Buying little outfits in anticipation. You’re on the other side now, but I know you haven’t forgotten.  

It’s your first Mother’s Day holding your baby boy in your arms and I want to tell you that your joy radiates.  I want to tell you that your gratitude is evident. I want to tell you that I see you.  I see the way that you breath him in, the way you engage and interact with him.  I see your mother’s heart. 

From the first ultrasound image, to the nursery that was set up so many months in advance.  From your growing belly and your glow.  I have watched you.  I’ve whispered countless thank you’s to God. 

So this Mother’s Day I want to tell you… You are doing amazing.  You are capable and you are strong.  You are beautiful and you are present.  From the night that you laboured him into this world to the nights you wake up to his hungry cries.  From the days that you feel energized to the days that you feel overwhelmed.  You are a good mom.  You are a grateful mom.  You are a loving mom.  

From the decisions that come naturally to you to the ones that will be hard to make, you were made for this.  You are enough.  You are everything he needs in a mother.  You are a mother.  You are Gregory’s mother.  You and his daddy are his whole world.  

Mama bear you have instincts.  He depends on you and you are dependable.  He needs you and you are there.  He looks at you with admiration and you are worth admiring.  You are everything that he sees in you, through his love filled eyes.

So keep holding him cheek to cheek and soaking in all his smiles.  Keep delighting in him.  You are his safe place.  You are his home.  You are his mom. 



Your Sister (aka Gregory’s Auntie) 




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