About Jennifer

I thought I was brave in moving away for university and then I met someone who told me that he had moved to North America from Nigeria. He kept inviting me to his soccer games and international student events. As he walked me home, he listened as I told him that I loved art but wasn’t sure how to make it a career. I listened as he told me he was pre-med but wanted to teach.

We grew up on different continents but I’ve never met anyone who understands me the way he does.

Not because we are the same, but because he holds my heart, my ideas and my mind with such care.

I was the “undeclared major” as I struggled to find my identity. I tried biblical studies, psychology, public speaking and writing. In my photo and video classes, something clicked. I could tell stories, interact with people and create art all at the same time. I went on to study photo and video during my undergrad and later got a Masters in Media Production at Ryerson. I did my thesis on race represented within Canadian media and I took every opportunity to turn a project or paper into a video.

When I’m not behind the camera or editing behind a screen...

You can find me painting with my daughters, going for family walks, crafting, trying new foods or listening to audio books.

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I'm Jennifer of JJMedia.

I believe that your story deserves to be told through professional, meaningful, true-to-you, creative photos and video.

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