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Dorm Wars Highlights!

This is just a special thanks to Lee Students for following my photography!  I appreciate you all! I had so much fun photographing my university's DO[...]

Happy Love Day!

Here's the Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate love, laughter and those who have been with us through the tears. Here's to my family, friends an[...]

People of Egypt Part II

Now here is the promised part II of my photos of the lovely people of Egypt. I think you'll find a large contrast in what you're seeing on the news.  [...]

People of Egypt Part I

In bringing my camera to another country, I have high hopes of capturing beautiful landscapes, a new culture and most of all--people.  I also have a s[...]

Egyptian Boy

I'll be posting more photos of Egyptian people soon.  They have been on my heart and mind.  Keep them in your prayers. Here's a little boy that let me[...]

Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis was my wonderful college roommate of 2 1/2 years! She is now graduated with her BA in Public Relations.  What better way to celebrate than[...]