August 28, 2012
Christina James | 2012
I waited 5 and a half years for a sibling.  When Mom and Dad brought me a little sister home from the hospital, I was convince...
July 9, 2012
PHS Prom
 High school isn't just about classes, grades and education.  A huge part is the people.  Some you merely pass in the halls be...
May 2, 2012
Andi Seward | Blue Hole, Tennessee
I'm excited to share these photos of the beautiful Andi Seward! :)  I shot these at the Blue Hole near the Chilhowee mountain!  We...
October 5, 2011
Never Go Through Life Without Goals
  , , . Thanks for taking the time to look at my work! If you're new here and want to keep posted go ...
April 17, 2011
Stunning Senior
If I had one word to describe Alexandra Powell it would be "classy".  Because not only is she beautiful but she is also poised, an...

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