Paul Malcolm | Headshots

Your head shot is a powerful business tool.  It's important to put your best foot forward-let your image show that you are capable and approachabl[...]

Creative Session

  What happens when have you a few adventurous photographers and four gorgeous models?  This creative session!  It's really important for [...]

Violet & Blaze

It's not that I had a horse growing up or that I went riding every weekend.  It's just that every time we drove by a farm or  horses grazing in a fiel[...]

Fuentes Family

My dear friend Patty wanted to celebrate her Dad's birthday in a big way---by taking photos of the people that mean the most to him; his wife, his chi[...]

Kelly Davis | Head shots

This summer my dear Kelly came to visit Canada!  After living together for almost 3 years in university, she became one of my closest friends.  Now th[...]

So Family

When Edna emailed me, something immediately clicked between us.  She was excited about celebrating life through capturing memories of her loving f[...]

Christina James | 2012

I waited 5 and a half years for a sibling.  When Mom and Dad brought me a little sister home from the hospital, I was convinced no one could sing [...]

Lovely Lauren

I'm convinced that Lauren is the smartest 3 year old around.  She's got the perfect combination of sweetness and curiosity that makes for such a c[...]

PHS Prom

 High school isn't just about classes, grades and education.  A huge part is the people.  Some you merely pass in the halls between classes, yet w[...]

Baby Noah

 No·ah/ˈnōə/ : comfort, peace, rest. | When Noah's  mama Robin inquired about having photos of Noah done I was thrilled!  On a scale of 1 to 10 ex[...]