Mr. & Mrs. Knapp [Part I]

So much love, planning and consideration went into May 26th, 2012.  Family and friends gathered to watch Kellie and Steve commit their futures to one [...]

Steve + Kellie

Sunrise marks the break of day.  There is something promising about the crack of dawn, there is a new beginning on the horizon.  For Steve this pa[...]

Lights & Faces

This was not shot in a studio, but in a racquetball room. I wanted to evenly light his face for a soft look. Same person, same pose, two completely[...]

I believe in...

I'm super excited to share this project with you all!  If the video doesn't load fast enough for you feel free to click here for the direct link! [...]

We Remember Jamie Caulk

I don't know why he died at age 27, I don't know why a mother and father had to bury their son.  Or why brothers and sisters mourn the loss of their[...]

The path of creativity.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one.  I'm sure that many of those that have gone before us, and many of us still struggling, have been through this[...]

7 Glamourous Shots

Here's to playing with studio lighting and posing! :)  It was a great opportunity for me to practice directing my model into a pose that I pr[...]

Moore Wedding Part II

. Here's the second part of the stunning Moore wedding!  We took the family portraits in front of her parent's house, here's a look at a couple... [...]