Family and Children

You want to remember:

-the way your son crinkles his nose,

-the way that your daughter looks at you with those trusting eyes,

-and the way your partner melts when your child is in their arms.

When your children look for photos of your family, you want to be able to show them more than just cell phone photos.

I’ve found out that the days are long and the years are short. I am enthralled by my daughters. They are my why and my reason to be brave.

Let me tell the story of your family.

Let me help you remember and relive those fleeting moments.

Contact me below to book your family session.

Family Photographer Testimonials
Kay and PG
“She is also unbelievably easy to work with, and seems to know all the cool places to go for photo shoots. She is super responsive over email and provided our photos way ahead of schedule. In person, Jen is really kind, fun and friendly. Start to finish , we couldn’t have had a better experience nor have we ever seen a better set of maternity photos. I couldn’t recommend Jen more!”
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Family Photographer Testimonials
Lorraine and Carson
"When she first begins a session, Jenny begins by chatting casually with all members of the family to ease any feelings of shyness or apprehension. Jenny takes photographs as her subjects loosen up and she gently encourages clients to do what feels natural to them. As the session progresses and a rapport is built, Jenny then makes more suggestions as to changes in location and groupings of subjects. She is keenly aware of how children need to feel safe and treats them with patience and gentleness. Jenny is able to balance both documentary style photography and portrait photography in her sessions. The final result is a priceless array of photographs that capture the essence of the family. I would recommend Jenny without any hesitation to families who are looking to document a moment in time to look back on for generations to come."
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Family Photographer Testimonials
Aynsley and Mackenzie
"We are so thankful that we chose JJMedia to do our family photos. I had a vision of what I wanted and then Jenny took that vision and far exceeded my expectations. The results were gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier with the photos. Jenny is wonderful and so kind. She even sang nursery rhymes to keep my one year old smiling. I highly recommend her photography. We received the photos back quickly and she was very responsive to all of my inquiries. Thank you JJMedia! We will definitely be using your services again!"
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I'm Jennifer of JJMedia.

I believe that your story deserves to be told through professional, meaningful, true-to-you, creative photos and video.

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