Renata and Fraser met in an insect laboratory during graduate school. Fraser claims that he got into insects to meet beautiful women! While that may have been a joke that brought the room to laughter, the truth is that he did meet a very beautiful woman.  Renata has a heart and smile that brings warmth.  She knew since the beginning of their relationship that Fraser was the one for her.  This couple has a deep love and mutual respect for one another that transcends the distance they have had to overcome.  They have achieved much as individuals.  Both having studied at the University of Minnesota, Fraser has his PhD in forest entomology and Renata has her PhD in the study of honey bees.  They have and will achieve even more together.  They are partners in life and have found a once in a lifetime love.  When Fraser and Renata had their sweet first look, they lingered as they took in the presence of one another and the excitement of the day. Their wedding ceremony took place at the McKee property.  Family and friends travelled from as far as Brazil.  Everyone was overjoyed to see this couple share their heartfelt, personal vows.  The celebration continued as the reception took place at Lora Bay Golf Club in Thornbury, Ontario.  It was a day filled with sincerity and love.