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Joel + Kira Proposal

When I got a message from Joel asking if I could film his proposal to Kira I was giddy with excitement!  They have been dating for over six years and [...]

Equal Pay Day 2015

On average, women in Ontario need to work till age 79 to make what men make by age 65 (source: CCPA Ontario). Ontario's gender pay gap, according to l[...]

Michelle + Adam

Michelle and Adam have a love that is pure and true.  They both radiate peace and exude joy.  This marriage has been prayerfully planned and whole-hea[...]

Brenda + Camilo

I think I smiled the whole time I was editing this video. Spending the day with Brenda and Camilo, capturing their story and editing this piece was[...]

Equal Pay Day Video

Before being approached to film this piece I had a rough idea that income inequality existed but I wasn't aware of Equal Pay Day in Ontario.  What exa[...]